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RetailCare is the best business partner that a retailer could have !

With an impressive portfolio of over 300 current retail clients and a history spanning fifteen years exclusively supporting and supplying retailers, RetailCare knows retail inside and out.

Point of Sale (POS) solutions are specialty - from single store operations, to complex, chain-store environments. RetailCare is fully accredited with leading manufacturers such as Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Star, Zebra and Epson. Our software partners include MYOB, Kudos, Retail Express, HansaWorld and QQQ, and our consultants are all fully certified.

Our core strengths are our people, whose knowledge and 40 year collective experience specifically in IT for retail is what makes RetailCare stand out from the crowd. We care about your business and adopt a very "hands on" and personal approach to our services, with customer satisfaction always in mind.

Based in Melbourne, we also have offices in Sydney, Adelaide and Auckland. We distribute and support POS hardware & software systems, an extensive range of hardware peripherals plus quality IT consumables, all at extremely competitive pricing.  

Our key products are our services, which include after-sales support for all retail hours, together with comprehensive consulting and personalised training for all aspects of retailing. Our training division and consulting services include assistance with stocktaking, reporting, rostering & staffing, developing first-class customer service, enhancing system security, or digital services such as website design, using domain names or social networking.  

Enquiries can be made through our website at: www.retailcare.com.au or by contacting our friendly Sales team on 1800 811 821


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RetailCare is the best business partner that a retailer could have!
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